Word Document Writer Pro for Microsoft Word Processor & Open Office Format Examine App

Waste of money!!

Horrible! Waste of money! There’s no way to create a header or footer and you can’t add page numbers. DO NOT GET!!


the worst apps are the ones you pay for that dont work. never even used the app because it didnt open up. when it did open up it crashed immediately. what makes me upset i needed this for school. $20 for what? highway robbery. these people are crooks. DONT BUY APP.

Waste of Money



junk, do not buy!!


I downloaded the app, expecting it to do the absolute minimum - a.k.a. use formating that translates to Microsoft Word better than Pages, due to my work requiring a lot of formatting. Biggest waste of money.


This is not dependable. The word count makes up numbers for how many words you have on your page. For example, I typed a few words, deleted them, the word count showed I had six words. A silly complaint, but not if this is something you need to keep track of. Otherwise, I’m unable to save it as .doc half the time, it either doesn’t show up as an option, or if you delete the doc and start over, you get other options that disappear. I’m definitely disappointed. It does allow me to physically type words, so I’ll throw in an extra star.

Worthless app

i thought this was actually Microsoft word because it had a similar logo and was the most expensive. Waste of money

Extremely limited in its functionality

This app is flagrantly limited and archaic in function. The worst app purchase for sure. To It’s about Time Productions, you have to make this right for your customers! I do not recommend!

Fairly worthless, didn't work.

This word processor isn't useful to me at all. When I opened it the final draft of my paper had disappeared. The outline that most of the paper in it is still listed under my recent documents, but every time I try to open it the all says it's has been deleted. That means hours before the assignment is due, all my work is gone. This has never happened to me ever. This program is really not what I expected. There are still lots glitches. It's the frist worst app I have never encountered in my life. I would not ever download this product if I knew it would work this way. I totally disappointed to this app. Please do what you can to fix these errors an keep the app running correctly.

Word document writer pro - not worth it

Very little functionality, just a good bit of frustration in realizing I bought something that is very poor. I am going to break down and buy the Microsoft version.


Just wow. Word was running smoothly for about a month, and then it crashed and stopped working. Now, whenever I try to open it, it crashes “Unexpectedly” Every single time. I don’t get why everybody is saying that this is a great app. Maybe fake reviews, because from my viewpoint, I payed money for this app, and guess what? Not only does it no longer even work, it also took a document with a 20,000 word count with it. That I typed myself. I have no idea why it did that, and I would’ve been better off never downloading this app. I advise everyone even considering Word Document Pro to stay far away from this thing for your own good.

Ok but...

I purchased this to be able to work on a document along with a friend using a PC. I had to recreate the document since I was still not able to open using this app then I have no option to adjust the top and bottom margin - only left and right. Very basic so good if that is all you are looking for.

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